Translation to Brazilian Portuguese

Good evening, I would like to know how I can help the project by translating the system into Brazilian Portuguese.
I have already helped in some software translations, but I have not found the system language files in the “C:\ Program Files\Duplicati 2” directory.
If anyone knows where I can find and where I should submit the file for who knows in version already available thank you…

Sincerely, Tácio Andrade.

Hi Tácio,

The information about how to work on translations can be found in the GitHub page:

Interested in helping to translate duplicati? Help is always welcome at transifex:

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Thank you very much, I have seen that there are just over 160 translations to be done and several revisions. I hope that at least for today I will do all the translations that are missing.

Sincerely, Tácio Andrade.

I thought I would have more to translate, I could finish the translation that was missing, but apparently there was no revision of the translations.

I wonder if this could be an impession for the translation to come out in the next version?

Sincerely, Tácio Andrade.

I’m not sure when new translations are added exactly but looking at the changelog it seems to be done with the canary updates. So I guess that @kenkendk will added it in the next canary release.

Thank you very much, let’s wait then.

Sincerely, Tácio Andrade.

There is a discussion about building translations in this topic, but if I recall correctly @agrajaghh set up a script which will build all the language files, but I don’t recall exactly when it gets run.

We are not currently enough people that it makes sense to do reviews of the translations. So your translations are assumed perfect :slight_smile:

It is a manual thing. Since we need to merge it into the source when the translations are updated, I have not found a good trigger that will update the translations automatically.


I have added pt_BR to the update script:

I will try to help further the project in the coming months.

Sincerely, Tácio Andrade.


Hello everyone!
I finished the translation but did not make any revisions!

I have done a translation of almost everything, however constantly new features are added and new texts as well.Like me who did the translation, I believe I can not do the revisions.

Are you saying that you cannot edit the texts?