Time to recreate database

Hi all - wanted to know any guidance on how long it takes to recreate a database - my backset is a collection of 120k files with total size of 520Gb.

Currently been running for 1.5 days with progress bar about 90% of the way there — initially was pegging the (system drive C) harddisk at max speed (SSD so approx 500 MB/s) but now settled at about 50 MB/s. Not sure why it is slower now but would like to hear advice on how much longer it may take.

(background: had error “expected XXX files but saw YYY instead” - wasn’t presented any particular options so just went with the delete-recreate database and got to here…)

What version of Duplicati are you running? There is an issue in some versions that can cause database recreations to take a much longer amount of time than necessary. You can let it finish or perhaps cancel the recreation, upgrade to the latest canary, and try again.

If you happened to keep a copy of your old database before you started the recreation, then I may suggest you cancel the recreate and put the original database back. You can solve the “expected XXX files” problem by just deleting that one backup version mentioned in the error message. Much faster resolution to the issue than doing a recreate. Search the forum, there are a few threads about this problem.

Good luck!

I had similar issues with mine since I had upgraded a few canary versions. What I ended up doing was removing the scheduling for the previous backup and just created a new scheduled backup of the same files pointed to a different folder and the new one ran much quicker under

The Carnary upgrade fixed the problem - still took some time to repair/recreate but finished in reasonable time (got started before dinner / done when I am back)

first backup afterwards need full hour (relooking at all 500gb? usually an incremental with no changes would be a few minutes only)