The Serbian (Serbia) (sr_RS) translation has been completed

The Serbian (Serbia) (sr_RS) translation has been completed in Transifex. Please add the Serbian language in pt_BR to the update script. Thanks in advance!

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sorry to say it, but the Transifex interface with Duplicati is rather in poor state currently. I connected to the Transifex site and tried to directly download your translations and was (should I say of course ?) impressed to see a ‘Oops something went wrong’ message. So as I have a lot of other problems to solve, it does not seem likely that your effort will be added to next Duplicati version.

If you find this attached helpful.

Greeting (322 KB)

thanks, I am a bit bewildered by the number of files: I need 2, why are there 12 files in your archive ?

I don’t know which ones are needed, so I put everything that can be downloaded :slight_smile:

Done, your changes will be in next Duplicati version.

Thank you! You are very professional.