Strategies for recreating a backup

So our backups, and I mean what appears in the Duplicati web interface, disappeared during an upgrade of Duplicati. Of course, I hadn’t exported them. These were backing up to AWS S3. I configured new backups with the information I could find and from memory, confirmed the connection, then set the database to repair. That was two days ago and its still going.

I was surprised to see that the Duplicati is retrieving the dblock files during the repair. Shouldn’t it just be grabbing the dlist and dindex files to rebuild the database? (Note: I was able to find a recent answer to this question here in the forum.)

If a database repair requires downloading the whole backup… I should expect a nice bill from AWS this month.

In case it matters, we’re running lastPgEvent is showing:
{"BackupID":"3","TaskID":39,"BackendAction":"Get", "BackendPath":"", "BackendFileSize":52433277,"BackendFileProgress":52433277, "BackendSpeed":303462,"BackendIsBlocking":false, "CurrentFilename":null,"CurrentFilesize":0, "CurrentFileoffset":0,"Phase":"Recreate_Running", "OverallProgress":0.7838964,"ProcessedFileCount":0, "ProcessedFileSize":0,"TotalFileCount":0,"TotalFileSize":0, "StillCounting":false}

Does the OverallProgress being 0.7838964 mean that it is approximately 78% or 0.78% done?

That’s odd, but apparently not unheard of (All configurations lost).

Did you happen to check if the .sqlite database for the job was also missing?

I believe the dbconfig.json file includes the list of jobs Duplicati is aware of (even including deleted jobs) - if it was only that file that got reset and your .sqlite file is still around you might be able to attach the old .sqlite file to the new backup job rather than having to rebuild the database.

If the old .sqlite file is NOT still there, then what you’ve done (including having to wait for the downloads) is likely the only way to continue adding more versions to that backup set.

Sorry - I’m not sure about whether the OverallProgress message is indicating 0.78% or 78%.