Sometimes: Couldn't Resolve Host

Dear Duplicati Fans,

beside my solved macOS time scheduled problem i use duplicati perfectly to backup my different folders. For now I use it only on one Mac (second is in repair) and I am carrying the Mac between workplace and home. At my workplace I have static IP in LAN and at home Dynamic. Sometimes when I switch the place Duplicati shows a little X in the tray icon. I open the Webinterface an there is a little red warning at the bottom of the site displaying “couldn’t resolve host”. When I close that warning and my Mac gets connection everything runs expected. So it istn a functionality problem more a optical. I have to manually close the warning to get rid of the X in the tray icon. Is there another solution or could someone implement a “check again” function in duplicati to close the X and the warning when the connection is again established?

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Just to make sure I’m understanding correctly…

When your Mac is at home it has a dynamic local IP and when it’s at work it has a static IP.

Sometimes (but not always) when you’ve moved from the Mac from one local to the other (work to home OR home to work) you get a couldn't resolve host error message when trying to run a backup.

Closing the error message is enough for things to resolve on their own and the backup starts normally.

Did I get that right?

Thats correct! But I am not sure (will test it) if the backup runs correctly without closeing the Massage. I think its more an optical thing…

My guess is the backup is running just fine as long as the message is just a Message or Warning and not an Error.

If that’s the case (the backup runs fine), then we’re done to deciding if a problem that resolves itself should still be reported as a problem (which is what it’s currently doing) or should be silently logged or (worse) just ignored…

The message does not prevent the backup from continuing, so it should continue anyway.

Maybe we can use the new log filters to support suppressing select warning messages, similar to this request:

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I tested it and I can confirm that the backup runs normal even if the error message is not clicked to close. So its really just an optical thing. But would be great if the window closes itself automatically when the next backup job runs successfully. :slight_smile:
Thanks for support!

A common thing that was done at a prior place of work was to have menu/dock type items exist in basic states. So, for example:

  • “Simplified” (set it and forget it) state would only bubble up a critical error such as “You haven’t backed anything up in the last 24 hours”
  • “Normal” state would bubble up the usual things like “Backup X was interrupted” or the DNS issue mentioned here and similar, but clear them once that backup phase was successful again
  • “Advanced” state would not only bubble up things like the DNS error mentioned here, and more warnings, but would make them sticky and require user intervention to remove, such that they’re more likely to prompt looking into the logs for how/when transient issues occur, to perhaps be preventative in maintenance.

@kenkendk In this way, rather than suppressing an error like the DNS or other connection error, you’re simply helping the user keep clutter down by automatically dismissing the error once a prior error is no longer important. I think keeping this separate from the suppression option for those doing debugging, would make sense.

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I like THAT idea - especially as Duplicati becomes easier to install / use and more less-technical start using it. A simple “Auto-close non-error alerts if backup finishes successfully” (defaulting to FALSE) would work.

Though, as mentioned elsewhere, it does potentially hide useful information such as warnings about using 7-zip, so stuff like that would need to be presented elsewhere (such as on the setting page).