Turning off the warning for 7z compression?


with the last version of Duplicati, it now always shows a warning when using the 7z compression (likely because of my bug report last year :yum: ).

But it’s inconvenient as it forces me to check the log after each backup to be sure it’s the only error that occurred.

Would it be possible to add an option to disable this warning ?

Thanks to consider this ! :grinning:

It is not possible to do it with the current version.

The problem is that the 7z compressor as it is implemented now, can occasionally create defect archives. Based on my understanding, the archives are not loosing data, but it would require some special tools to recover the data as the normal tools claim that the archives are invalid.

On top of this, the 7z compressor can create really small files (say 1MB) instead of the desired volume size (i.e. 50MB) which causes Duplicati to repeatedly run the compact process.

For these reasons, I advise everyone to move away from 7z until we have a working version.

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Thanks for the info, I wasn’t aware the 7z compression could create corrupted archives ! (I found more details here Compacting a backup ends with “Error while running [backup_name] : Invalid data format.” · Issue #2303 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub )

Maybe the warning should state this, it’d make it more clear 7z should be avoided for now.

For the small files, you already had provided me the solution of using “–no-auto-compact” which worked well !

Anyway, I switched back to zip to be on the safe side…! :grinning: