Smb destination

how can I add a smb destination for a backup.

running Ubuntu 16.04
under destination I select local folder or drive.
click manual

per the documentation I should do one of the following
Local folder or drive

Duplicati can use the local file system to store backups. The following target URL formats can be used:

file://\server\folder%20for%20backup (UNC path)
file:///usr/pub/folder%20for%20backup (Linux)

if i do any of the above. it creates a folder in root called “file” with a sub-folder “:” and continues on from ther creating sub-folders as it wants.

what am I missing here?

any help would be grateful.

Try specifying the path to your mount point without the file:// schema.

no that doesn’t work either. it just creates a folder with the IP of the share.

i’ve tried //192.168.1… and ////192.168.1… //\192.168… without the file and still doesn’t work. any other suggestions??

It’s simplest to mount the share first. See the following post:

I can see that it is a bit unclear, but CIFS/SMB support is not really in Duplicati, it just uses the OS features, which on Windows allows the two first examples to work. The Linux (POSIX) file system does not work that way, so you have to mount it.

A better solution would be to include a CIFS client in Duplicati, so you could avoid having it mounted all the time (which would also be great for Windows users).


Thanks for the information. I’ll take a look at the post and go from there.

Indeed, the documentation regarding this has room for improvement in the clarity department… :slight_smile: I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get UNC path destinations to work from a duplicati docker container…

I agree with commenters above in that including an official SMB destination implementation would be highly desireable!

In macOS (Monterey) it is possible to click on “network” in Finder, log-in with credentials for network share(drive) and you are done. Nothing complicated with mounting remote network file systems etc.
One has all accessible right in Finder.

Same with Arch Linux.

Why isn’t this possbile with Duplicati?

Déja Dup does it too. I switched to DéjaDup.