Silent installs or how to create the necessary msi files

brand new to msi exec world but I’m intrigued by the unattended install for duplicati. I’ve looked around the forum, how-to’s, and installation and I see references to msiexec and filename.msi but I don’t have the background necessary to figure that out.

Is there a tutorial on how to make a duplicati.msi file that can be silently installed? And if that exists, is there a way to modify source and destination fields?


Are you sure you need that? Could you test some msiexec options such as /quiet?
Unattended silent installation in Windows used a different option. There are a bunch.

You want to hardcode that in the .msi (not that I know how)? How about job import?
Duplicati.CommandLine.ConfigurationImporter.exe should be able to do that.