Unattended silent installation in Windows

I want to install Duplicati unattended in Windows machines using a powershell script or command line option. Is there any existing options to make this happen?


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Have you tried the standard approach with MSI packages?

msiexec.exe /i filename.msi /qb

I haven’t actually tested this myself. Not sure if any of the installation settings can be defined. If it does work it probably just uses all the default settings.

[REQ] Add parameters for MSI installer options #3892 might have some relevant information for installs.
After install though, if one seeks remote configuration or management, it’s a whole other area to explore.

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Thanks for sharing. I will try and let know

We tried this. The installer starts and requires user intervention i guess. I will check once again and update here. Thanks

If you get stuck, let me know and I can try to find time to experiment.

Check a search engine too. I searched for “msiexec” “silent install” and got lots of maybe-useful info.