Show which file is currently backuped in the GUI


You read me like a poem :wink:

This would be cool :slight_smile: Especially because the path may be too long for the top bar, then if it is and you need more than the last 20-40 characters of the path then you can see it by expanding the job details.


We should be carefull for how most people will interprete this…
==> Hey, why is my file xxx being processed? It didn’t change since 3 months!


Yes, this could be confusing for users who don’t know exactly how the mechanism works. Some other thoughts:

  • As long as nothing is added to an upload volume, a text like “Scanning files” or “Analyzing files” could be displayed. If a file is changed since the last backup, this text could be replaced with “Processing X:\Folder\Filename.ext” while adding changed blocks to the upload volume. Backdraw is that 99.99% of the time the “Scanning files” text is displayed and a fraction of a second a changed file appears. This would hardly be an improvement, because you don’t have the time to read which file is processed and have no clue which files and folders have been processed and which not.
  • As far as I know, there is no particular order files and folders are being processed. The first folder that is listed by the OS is the first folder that is processed by Duplicati. There is no indication how far the backup is completed.
  • The status bar should be kept as clean as possible. Originally, only the number of files and MB’s were displayed in the status bar. Adding upload speed sounds useful, so that info is added. Adding the current file that is processed is also interesting, but what if others would like to see the total amount of uploaded data, the time that the backup is running etc.? The status bar will become more and more stuffed with info, it’s not what it’s intended for. I think it’s better to wait for a detailed status window. As far as I know it’s a planned feature.


It’s the wild west, I think almost any feature is technically a planned feature. It’s just about getting there :slight_smile:

I’m wondering what we’d have to do to get some UI/UX folk hooked and contributing their skills. I don’t dislike the current UI, but I have this vague feeling that we could improve it a lot with some smaller changes to it.

Edit: I should add. I do think we should be careful about not bloating the UI with too much information in the wrong places, but it’s always that balance :slight_smile:


It sounds from @kees-z like there is an overall design esthetic to be attempted, which is great!

And while I do like some of the designs presented in the “detailed status window” linked topic from above, I again say I’d rather see the feature in a “Current file” line of the job menu sooner than as part of a full-fledged status window later…

It kind of sounded like the “Current file” wrapable line was being favored, so assuming we haven’t scared @dbddhkpde off yet I’d say go for that! :slight_smile:

It should be that much easier to move the info to the more full featured status window when comes along down the line. :smiley:

(Side benefit - as its own line it might be possible to include more detail like whether the file is being “scanned for changes” vs. flat out being “backed up”.)


Thanks for all the comments. I agree, that the progress bar should be kept clean!
I will than go for the backup job summary adding the current activity: backing up, processing file, uploading… all the states that the last page event comes up with.

How about this one (screenshot):

If the file processing is done the current action info will hide again. Only the progress bar will indicate what’s going on until it finishes…

Bad thing about this: :flushed: I did the “small” progress bar with inline html/css. Need to figure out how to integrate this into the correct places. AND some translation tags need to be created too…


Cool! :grinning:
Any chance that this could be combined with changing the icons for running and queued backups?


Ahhh, the joys of scope creep. :smiley:


If there is no scope creep then people aren’t really passionate :wink: