Make status bar a link to backup

There are times when I find myself having to dig through Home, scroll, expand backup, Show Log to check on messages associated with a specific backup.

Would it be realistically possible to make the backup name in the “status bar” at the top of the UI to link to the backup set with the menu already opened? Or maybe just add a “log” link next to Pause & Throttle that would open the general log if no backup running or the backup specific log if one where actually running?



Yes, that should be quite simple.

Another approach (don’t know how hard this will be to implement):
A click on the status bar of a running backup job expands and overlaps (or even replaces) the list of backup jobs. This will generate plenty of space to show statistical information such as upload speed, number of files to be processed, percentage complete, etc.
At the bottom of that expanded screen could be a Collapse button and the links that are available for the backup job as shown in the main screen.
This will combine multiple submitted feature requests.

If you can make some kind of mockup of what the UI would look like with the changes, that would be great!

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The sky is the limit! Something like this?

Of course the contents should be dynamically updated, real time or every second.


Along with “Pause” and “stop now” down’t forget CPU priority changes. :smiley:

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Nice work!

I am thinking this needs to be a full page, it would be really cramped in a pop-up.

All the information is there, except the bandwidth history, but we can store a few numbers quite easily.


Yes, that’s what I meant with replacing the list of backup jobs. If there is enough horizontal space, the left pane with menu options could stay there, in compact mode, it is already hidden under the menu button (upper right corner).
When expanded, the Expand button (could be an icon) could be replaced by a Collapse button to avoid the need to navigate to the bottom for returning to the main page.
The progress bar should always be visible at the top.

Another useful addition to the sketch above could be a status bar indicating how many data is waiting to be uploaded, something like this:
During the backup, the green bar will deflate at constant speed and fill up suddenly, as new upload volumes are created while uploading files in the background.

This bar will be useful in particular when a large upload volume size is chosen, because it indicates how long to wait until the final message “Waiting for upload to complete” will disappear.

The one thing I thought of with respect to the “Current File:” readout is - if the current dblock is being assembled out of several smaller files, then perhaps it would be possible to just list them all at once there instead of trying to zoom through them.

On the flip side of the same coin - for very large files, it might be neat to be able to see some indication of (approximately) what percentage (or proportion, or # of # blocks, etc) of that file has been processed so far. So for your 9GB blu-ray rip, you’re not sitting there for an hour wondering whether something’s gotten stuck or not.

Go on, admit it - you want to see a real-time graphic like what disk defragmenting tools show. :slight_smile:

With something like:

  • red = not processed
  • green = backed up
  • dark grey = zipping
  • light grey = uploading
  • (lavender = poor choice of sample graphic)

maybe i’ve been spoiled by seeing the piece availability graphs in programs like uTorrent…

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Super importat task IMO (like all others ;-)) Sometimes you’re not aware about Duplicati backing up tons of useless stuff, which you were not aware you added to some of your folders. Costs bandwidth, time, time to clean up…


A somewhat related feature has been requested (and planned) here: