SharePoint v2 Backup stuck

I setup a test cloud backup to SharePoint last week of about 70GB. I left it run over the weekend and Monday morning i came back to a status of “Waiting for upload to finish…” so it looks like it has completed the upload and is now just finishing up. However it has been stuck on that status for 2 days now.

When i look in the live logs, under the ExplicitOnly log i can see 12 logs that all look identical from their title of:

 22 Apr 2024 09:36: Failed to load assembly C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Xamarin.Mac.dll, error message: Non-abstract, non-.cctor method in an interface.

What’s strange though is when i kicked off the job on Friday and saw it had started to move files i checked the SharePoint folder and could see Duplicati had started to move files there. But now when i check the folder is completely empty.

Any help/explination on what i might be doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks,


To preserve memory, the logs are not stored if not watched. So when you go to watch them after the event they are unfortunately not there.

Can you see any logs or history anywhere on the SharePoint destination? Duplicati will occasionally remove files that are left over from interrupted backups, but it will never delete the last backup without a force flag.

To get more specific at the risk of being off-target:

I don’t have SharePoint, but OneDrive personal has a Recycle bin on the side, and a Search at the top.
Possibly you can figure out the history of some files. Duplicati’s big ones would have dblock in names.

The Duplicati database also has history in <job> → Show log → Remote, but sometimes DB is locked.

About → System info has Server state properties, where lastPgEvent can give info on where things are.

  • lastPgEvent : {“BackupID”:“1”,“TaskID”:2,“BackendAction”:“Get”,“BackendPath”:“”,“BackendFileSize”:52336829,“BackendFileProgress”:52336829,“BackendSpeed”:154660,“BackendIsBlocking”:false,“CurrentFilename”:null,“CurrentFilesize”:0,“CurrentFileoffset”:0,“CurrentFilecomplete”:false,“Phase”:“Backup_Complete”,“OverallProgress”:1,“ProcessedFileCount”:6832,“ProcessedFileSize”:8146201281,“TotalFileCount”:6832,“TotalFileSize”:8146201281,“StillCounting”:false}

is mine, while sitting in a slow run-script-after. Comparing the Size and Progress numbers shows it’s completed work. If numbers were different, that might be a hint of which part of the work has stopped.

It’s also useful to look at performance tools such as Windows Task Manager to see if resource use is happening (CPU and Disk especially), or if everything just looks idle, and not trying to make progress.

This might have been a test of an initial backup that didn’t end, but maybe @D4NNK can confirm that.

Really frustrated with Duplicati’s lack of feedback has other ideas on debug of seemingly stuck cases.


That one seemed to be using a CPU core. The one here might be different, but you’d have to look at it. Disappearing files are also weird here, and I hope you can find some traces of it in the SharePoint info.