Settings Not Saved

Hey Guys,

I installed Duplicati on my FreeNAS system. I then launched it by going to I was asked for a passowrd and the default password “duplicati” worked. Once logged in I change some settings, including my password. The settings changed BUT…

After I re-start the Jail (or re-start the whole NAS) the settings are re-set to default. This includes the password, which is changed back to the default password of “duplicati”.

How can I make my settings save?

I notice there is something in the post install notes which says:
“To change settings until the UI is fixed use the command line. Example: iocage get -P port PLUGIN
Configurable settings are port and webpass.”

However I can’t really figure out what this means, and was hoping someone is able to help me?

This behavior is due to the design of the FreeNAS Duplicati module, not Duplicati itself. I’m not sure why it was designed this way.

A few options (like port number and password) must be set using FreeNAS iocage commands. Here’s a post that shows how to do it: