FreeNAS 11.3 U1 - password resetting

I have an installation of the duplicati software on my FreeNAS box. It’s been working fine, uploading to my preferred cloud choice.

But I have noticed, I set my own password through the web portal, save, logout, then re-login with new password - that new password works fine. When I go reboot the whole server, the password resets itself to the “duplicati” password again. When I shut off and turn on the plugin inside the FreeNAS GUI, password resets itself.

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Is this talking about a fixed default password for the web login? Duplicati’s builds don’t have that.
On first startup, you are invited to set one up if you like, e.g. if there are other users of computer.


Maybe whoever built your FreeNAS Duplicati did differently. Is there any documentation on that?

Duplicati.Server.exe and Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe do take an option that sets initial password:

The password required to access the webserver. This option is saved so you do not need to set it on each run. Setting an empty value disables the password.

Can you run ps or pgrep command on your Duplicati to see if that option is being used at start?

I am talking about the fixed web login password. I was never presented with the screenshot you’ve posted here. I am not sure who built the FreeNAS Duplicait build. I simply used the FreeNAS plugins page to install, setup shares for the jail, then logged into the web GUI.

Heres the text from ps:image

You’ll need more switches on ps than that. You’re probably not seeing any background processes.
Do you have man pages installed? If not, here are some from FreeBSD web site for pgrep and ps.

I have no FreeNAS to run, but I’d guess ps -aux | grep Duplicati might do, or maybe shorter
pgrep -f Duplicati. You could also try searching for mono which is what actually runs Duplicati.

I tried testing FreeNAS in a VM. I did see that the Duplicati package is configured with a web UI password by default (set to ‘duplicati’), and it did not display the ‘first run setup’ dialog (which I think is appropriate in this case, as it is with docker containers).

I confirmed what @voodooutt saw. When I restart the plugin, the UI password reverts to the default.

@ts678 nailed it - the plugin is setting a fixed password on the command line:

Ok, I figured it out with the help of reading the notes!


I don’t know what they mean by “…until the UI is fixed…” In any case you use iocage commands to set the password in a persistent way. Don’t use the web UI in Duplicati to set the password, it won’t stick between plugin restarts:


By the way, I am seeing that Jails on FreeNAS (and BSD I presume) are extremely similar to Docker containers. They are way more than just the chroot jails I was thinking…


Ah, I see now. I did not read the post install notes (OOPS). So I set password through the shell. Thanks for the help!

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