Setting up STACK from TransIP

STACK is a cloud storage solution provided by the Dutch hosting company TransIP. With a free account you can store up to 1000 GB, which makes it a great solution for use as backend in Duplicati.

STACK is available only for Dutch and Belgium users.

STACK supports WebDAV (in fact it’s a customized version of OwnCloud), what can be used to configure Duplicati.
This How-to describes the basic steps to configure Duplicati for making backups to STACK.

  1. If you do not have a stack account, request an invite at
    (NOTE: The service is targeted to Dutch and Belgium users. Requests from other countries will be refused).
    When your request is acknowledged, you will get an email with instructions for setting up your STACK account.
  2. (Optional, but recommended)
    Create a STACK subaccount for your backups to separate Duplicati backup volumes from your regular files that you want to store/share in your STACK.
  3. (Optional, but recommended)
    Create a new folder or folder structure in your STACK, using your subaccount if you created one in step 2.
  4. In the Duplicati Web UI, add a new backup.
  5. Choose WebDAV as the storage type.
  6. Use these settings for your backup job:
    • Use SSL: Selected
    • Server and port:
      Replace youraccountname with the name of your STACK account.
    • Path on server: remote.php/webdav/Foldername/Subfoldername
      If you created a folder Backup with a subfolder MyPC, the path will be remote.php/webdav/Backup/MyPC
    • Username and Password: The name and password of the subaccount you created in step 2. If you didn’t create a subaccount, use the main username and password of your STACK account.

All other settings in the wizard are described in the Getting started guide.



It’s worth mentioning that in order to set up an account with them, you need an address in the Netherlands or Belgium. If you don’t have that, you’re wasting your time…

It is mentioned in step 1.

Sorry about that. :innocent:

But still: you are being quite tentative about this:

The only way I was able to even get an invitation was by using a VPN. Otherwise you get refused straight away.

When your request is acknowledged, you still need to enter your address and if that is not from the designated countries, it won’t work. Maybe that selection mechanism wasn’t actually intended because when I entered Sweden as my country, the form simply didn’t work. It was not possible to enter an address. Either way, I think it’s fair to say: it won’t work. Not: it might not work.

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That makes sense. Never been able to test what happens when you register from outside the Netherlands. Thanks for pointing that out!
Post edited.

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Great ‘how to’ !!

I would like to propose to add that the latest version of Mono is required.

See my post, using STACK and Duplicati:

May be it is not valid for all Linux distro’s, but it is helpful anyway.

Best regards,

Hi Kees-z,

As you heard Stack is not accepting new account requests.
However, there is another solution in the Netherlands called Boxu.

When you request an account at you can use this howto to connect to your account en create the backup in Boxu Cloud.

The server address in our case will be

Also a good thing to mention, at Boxu Cloud you are not limited to the Netherlands.

Please note that TransIP has announced that the free 1 terabyte storage plan will be discontinued in the next months and that all accounts that were not converted to a paid account will be deleted, including all stored data. More information in this post.