Server locked error

Worked fine for months. Now everybackup is server locked error.

What should i do?

Welcome to the forum @Adramelramalech

I’m not finding that text in Duplicati (or its web server) source, in the forum, or in GitHub Issues.
Can you describe error appearance further, or preferably paste a screenshot of it into this topic.

For general info, what operating system is this, and what sort of destination is backup going to?

Above, plus say what you tried, if anything. For example, did you restart Duplicati or the system?

I apologize but that is all I have is server locked error message. It worked for months now it will not run at all. I restarted the service, edit the backup job. Nothing works.

The message is still happening, but you can’t describe it or screenshot it and paste to the forum?

What about this info?

Win10 is what duplicati is installed on
it is using webdav
the designation is my nextcloud
in nextcloud the designation drive is an mounted NAS share
I guess I may have to drive over there and take a pic.

??? Isn’t Duplicati on the screen near you, either in your web browser or some sort of command line?

If you’re using from Windows, see 7 ways you can take screenshots in Windows 10 and Windows 11


If in Duplicati GUI, you can start About → Show log → Live → Warning before backup. Click on errrors.
About → Show log → Stored is an alternative error location, most likely used when backup doesn’t run.

Nope. A few towns over.

Ouch. So you’re just reporting from memory and have no remote access? This may get awkward.

Sounded like you had a view of something (maybe there at the time?). Was it a GUI popup over the standard Duplicati screen? If so, was it blue and in the middle or red and near the bottom? Was it a Windows notification which sometimes says the same thing? Was it a web page with just that text?

Meaning you installed as a Windows service using Duplicati.WindowsService.exe after initial install?
You then used the Windows service tools to restart the service? You could also try a system reboot.

Server error

Server is loading

Nothing in logs.

Errors reported by Duplicati which refer to the “remote server” mean the destination server, here the Nextcloud server, which uses WebDAV, which is an extension of HTTP. 423 looks WebDAV-specific:

List of HTTP status codes on Wikipedia:

423 Locked (WebDAV; RFC 4918)
The resource that is being accessed is locked.

From RFC 4918:

   The 423 (Locked) status code means the source or destination resource
   of a method is locked.  This response SHOULD contain an appropriate
   precondition or postcondition code, such as 'lock-token-submitted' or

and because I’m not familiar with WebDAV, I won’t try to interpret that. From Duplicati end, you can (if you have accesss…) About → Show log → Live → Retry to see what was being tried when 423 was returned.

A backup will usually begin with list, then do a series of put for uploads, then list and get verifications. Alternatively you can try the Verify files choice which is probably just the list and probably three get.

There seem to be some Internet search results for Nextcloud 423 locked problems. You can look at some.