Server locked error

Error while running Backups

Found 1108 remote files that are not recorded in local storage, please run repair

I think it needs to renamed to errorlicati

I’m just going to repeat my previous request. Have you verified that the back end server allows deletions?

Duplicati needs to be able to write, read, and delete files from the back end storage. If for some reason an operation is restricted, it will result in an error.

And I guess I’ll repeat myself as well

I do not know what that means or how you like me to respond

And I am getting the same thing from nextcloud.

So not one person cares that one person can not use this and that one person needs to walk away from this. That is the route we are going

The “back end” is where your Duplicati backup data is being stored. It is out of the control of Duplicati. From your earlier posts it sounds like you are using Nextcloud on your NAS, and using the webdav protocol.

What I am asking you to do is verify permission settings on your NAS. You may need to look at the folder where your backup data is being stored, and maybe even the nextcloud configuration itself.

Please post a link to your post. The Duplicati team (plus you) can maybe help you explain to them.
They are not Duplicati experts and we are not Nextcloud experts, but they do know of locking bugs:

File is locked - how to unlock is one issue that gets referred to a lot. Does it mean anything to you?
If you are not your Nextcloud server administrator, does it mean anything to whoever is the admin?

You actually did a pretty nice job of showing who sent the error, and exactly what was being asked:

which raised the delete question. From Nextcloud link. locks sound per-file and kept in Nextcloud DB.
Or maybe it’s a permission problem. We do not know what other things might make Nextcloud “423”.

Three machines, all connected to the same Nextcloud? In all cases the error came from Nextcloud?

Would you please stop this? The evidence before you right here is you have two people trying to help.
There are some Nextcloud users on this forum, but when you post, only a few users are likely to read.
Meanwhile you’re driving off volunteers working with you, through language and few useful responses.

One thing for sure (according to Google) is that nobody in the forum or GitHub Issues is reporting this, therefore it’s unfamiliar and needs your help (which has been very tough to get). Do you wish to help?

We can talk you through a certain amount of Duplicati investigation, but cannot help you fix Nextcloud.
There are no sure answers or fixes before that, but evidence points that way. What did you tell them?
Are they giving any thoughts on why they think Duplicati caused their 423? Got a link for us to look at?

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Guess I’ll find another backup solution, thanks

There are many that require less assembly. With Duplicati it’s ALWAYS a bring-your-own-storage.
Some others keep it all a black box to the user, and so leave the box-fixing to the selling company.

To avoid “drive” “few towns over”, some may have more remote management, installs, and so on.
If you consider yourself a service provider, there are companies who’d love to sell you their stuff…

While shopping, consider your situation and how much you want to pay, versus handle-it-yourself.
Possibly some of these solutions are aimed at larger operations. Some web searching is needed.

Efforts on the Nextcloud forum aren’t looking so nice, but there’s still hope, if all can work together.