Server Component (Duplicati.Server.exe)

Does anybody have any experience with the Server Component?

According to Different ways to make a Duplicati backup:
The server has three distinct responsibilities:

  • Provide a storage for backup configuration
  • Run a scheduler that makes periodic backups
  • Provide a web-based user interface to manage backups

Having “Server” in the name makes it sound like a centralized place for storing configs and managing backups across multiple client machines. Unfortunately that page also says the Service Component (Duplicati.Service.exe) is a wrapper to that to ping and make sure the Server Component is running which makes it sound like a client level utility.

What I’m hoping to learn is that it actually is a centralized server level component in which case we should get a Docker container going with this ASAP. :slight_smile:

There are at least a few Docker images with Duplicati already:

Maybe you can use them “as-is” or as a starting point.

The idea is that Duplicati.Server.exe is the raw service, which can be used with things like Windows service, or systemd because they restart the server automatically if it crashes.
The Duplicati.Service.exe program starts Duplicati.Server.exe and pings it periodically to see if it is responding. Should it stop responding, it will be restarted automatically.