S3 compatible (Minio) bucket name convention?

Hi, yet another Crashplan user here looking for a new setup.

I just started trying out Duplicati with Minio as the destination on my own server.
I’m new to both Minio and S3 stuff in general, so I just wanted to ask about bucket names before I finish setting everything up.

When I use ‘Test connection’, I get a dialog asking ‘The bucket name should start with your username, prepend automatically?’

Why should it start with my username?
Is it an S3 thing, or does it affect Duplicati functionality in any way?
If I don’t use S3 but Minio instead, does the username need to be included?

It’s not a very big deal, it just clutters up the bucket list a lot, so I’d be happy to avoid it.
I know I can click ‘No’ when the dialog comes up, but the statement seemed so authoritative, so I thought I’d ask about it.

That is an Amazon S3 specific thing. On AWS S3, all buckets are shared globally, so you need a globally unique bucket name. On your local S3 instance, this is not needed (and it is not required on AWS S3, just a convention).

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I would suggest adjusting the text in the dialog to make that more clear, but I realize it is probably one of the least prioritized issues…

I hope the influx of Crashplan users will make an impact on donations and other contributions so the software becomes even better!