AWS Secret Access Key Warning in Duplicati -


after updating to the latest canary I ran a backup job and got this warning:

[Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Controller-DeprecatedOption]: Die Option aws_secret_access_key (auth-password) ist veraltet: This is deprecated, use aws-secret-access-key instead

I don’t find an option in the settings where to adjust this? I use Wasabi as backend.


This is being investigated as a possible unintended result of Release: (canary) 2021-03-07

  • Changed options to use - instead of _ for consistency, thanks @julianohubel

Some other people might stop by, but to your question, you can probably quiet down that warning using Destination screen three-dot Menu to the right of Backup destination. Change underscore to dash.


I don’t understand this advice, what’s in the 3-dot menu that can help? My bucket has a hyphen in its name so is this what is triggering this bug? I’m not messing with my Duplicati bucket names as they all have a hyphen.

Perhaps while you’re there you can remove the warning that says The bucket name should start with your username, prepend automatically? for Wasabi hot storage because you don’t need to do this. Thanks.

No. My original thought was

so if you saw an aws_access_key_id and aws_secret_key_id in the destination URL, they are now aws-access-key-id and aws-secret-key-id, made an unintended warning, but maybe had an edit workaround.

Later discussion sounded more like you probably have auth-username and auth-password which are the generic names and not affected by the underscore to dash change because they already use the dash…

I’m not the one fixing the issue of this topic (thanks for running Canary – someone has to risk early issues). Duplicati is trying to make a Beta (it’s been awhile), and I don’t think any developer will see this as a priority right now (unlike the warning, which is sounding like it’s widespread and needs another Canary build to fix).

There are now two reports of it in this topic, and if I understand correctly, all S3-based users are impacted.

You can make a case for a special Wasabi case in an Issue if you like, however to the comment reporting

I think the same rationale applies as it does to Amazon S3, which is that it helps get unique bucket names.

Creating a Bucket

Before naming a bucket, you should develop a naming strategy following these guidelines:

  • The name must be unique across all existing bucket names in Wasabi.

so if you want to make a case that it’s best that users should not be given the help (I could probably see a potential rewording though), feel free. Some background, including a main developer comment, are linked.

S3 compatible (Minio) bucket name convention?

Save S3 compatible destination, always asks to prepend username to bucket

B2 has now S3 compatible API

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Ah, I see.

My URLs come back containing auth-username and auth-password

Thanks. You’re further confirming that this is a widespread issue. A fix to Canary is in progress.

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Thank you, ts678,

For the record - I have the warning as well, with this S3 provider: S3 Object Based Storage – The Scalable Cloud Solution | IONOS by 1&1

I don’t know when the next Canary will come out. The fix for this is already done, and waiting for that.
If anybody is too seriously bothered, it looks like a downgrade to should not be a problem…

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Yes, but the new versions (apart from the occasional new bugs) always mean significant progress. The team does a great job.

I just wanted to give an option. Sometimes database upgrades get in the way of downgrade. Not this time.
This also seems more of a “nuisance” bug – and how much of a nuisance depends on backup frequency.

The new update fixes the problem. Thanks to all!


ts678, I didn’t mean that ironically or sarcastically: The entire team does a great job. Of course, there can always be new bugs. I always prefer the current Canary version, because there are constant improvements. And only very rarely new bugs.

That’s why I haven’t downgraded now. But thanks for pointing out the possibility!

And thank you for providing the new version on such short notice. The annoying S3 warning doesn’t come anymore.

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