Run-script-after not work

I’m a new user of Duplicati; I start use this software same months ago and continue to use it! In these months I encountered some problems (very well know), anyway I belive in this project but unfortunately in Italy this software isn’t very well known.

Now, this is my problem: I wish backup the local database so if my HDD suddenly death I should be able to recovery my data without waiting hours or days to recreate the whole databases from scratch. I create a batch file and use the --run-script-after option to launch it when the backup has finished. In the script I launch duplicati client to schedule the backup of databases when the last backup job finish successifully. Unfortunately the backup finish correctly but it exit with a warning says “Esecuzione dello script " fuori tempo” (in english) “Execution of the script out of time”.

Of course if I run the script from cmd.exe it works fine. If I use the option --run-script-timeout I obtain the same result. If I use this dummy script I obtain the same result

@echo off
if /i “%DUPLICATI__OPERATIONNAME%” neq “Backup” goto end
if /i “%DUPLICATI__PARSED_RESULT%” neq “Success” goto end
exit 0

If I replace notepad.exe with a echo It works correctly. Can anyone help me? on windows 10

In your dummy script you are running notepad.exe. This will pause the script until notepad.exe is closed, leading to the timeout error.

In your real script you aren’t running notepad.exe, but what command are you running? Can you share your real script? (Remove sensitive information if present…)

Ouch! It’s true: notepad.exe is a bad executable for my experiment. I must repeat my test. Anyway this is my true script

@echo off
if /i “%DUPLICATI__OPERATIONNAME%” neq “Backup” goto end
if /i “%DUPLICATI__PARSED_RESULT%” neq “Success” goto end
rem timeout /t 5 /nobreak > nul
D:\duplicati_aux\duplicati_client.exe login
rem timeout /t 5 /nobreak > nul
D:\duplicati_aux\duplicati_client.exe run 34
rem timeout /t 5 /nobreak > nul
D:\duplicati_aux\duplicati_client.exe logout
exit 0

It not work with or without the time commands.

You don’t literally have that word “Blockquote” at the top of your script, do you?

mmh sorry -.-’ the heat comes to my head. Of course the blockquete is a mistake because I’m not practiced with the editor of this site. If I launch the script from cmd.exe it work’s fine without error code.

Now I re-edit the post.

Probably because the DUPLICATI__ environment variables are not present when you manually run it from cmd.exe – they only exist when the script is launched by Duplicati. So when you test it from cmd.exe, it ends up doing that goto end and exits right away.

Try temporarily removing those two if lines at the top and then run it from cmd.exe.

No because if I delete the first and second lines or declare the environment variables and next launch the script all works correctly. It couldn’t be a problem of “database lock” because I try to launch the script (from command line) when a backup task is still in progress and even in this case all work correctly: first the backup finish and next start the backup of “metadata”.

Ok gotcha! My next suggestion is to capture the output of these commands in your script:

D:\duplicati_aux\duplicati_client.exe login   >  D:\duplicati_aux\LogFile.txt 2>&1
D:\duplicati_aux\duplicati_client.exe run 34  >> D:\duplicati_aux\LogFile.txt 2>&1
D:\duplicati_aux\duplicati_client.exe logout  >> D:\duplicati_aux\LogFile.txt 2>&1

Save the script and then let Duplicati launch it at the end of a backup job, then check the log file.

EDIT: I had to make a correction to the top line. I was using Linux-style redirection :wink:

I write a simple C program who create a text file and if I launch a batch file with this command; The result is no error and the backup jobs works. Next step: try your code! and log the activity.

Also, sometimes it’s handy to put this at the top of your script so you can validate all the DUPLICATI environment variables:

set DUPLICATI > C:\Folder\DupVars.txt

Helps with debugging. But be careful there may be some sensitive info in those variables.

Ok this is the result of


DUPLICATI__backup_name=backup di prova
DUPLICATI__send_mail_from=sensible data
DUPLICATI__send_mail_password=sensible data
DUPLICATI__send_mail_subject=Duplicati %PARSEDRESULT%, %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name%
DUPLICATI__send_mail_to=sensible data
DUPLICATI__send_mail_url=sensible data
DUPLICATI__send_mail_username=sensible data

for the log file instead I obtain a strange result: The file is correctly created but the dimension is 0KB and is empty. The only way to read the file is stop the service… but it shouldn’t be correct :neutral_face: anyway the log is:

The request timed out. Is the server running?
Not logged in
Logging out…

of course the server is running :expressionless:. In addition I notice that since I had installed the software in the log there are many errors related to assembly that can’t be loaded (it’s related to microsoft windowsazure) It could be a broken installation of the .NET Framework?

Oh wait… You are running Duplicati as a service? There is currently a bug where duplicati-client doesn’t work properly in that type of setup:

Yes I run Duplicati as Service (I’m apologyze, I took it for granted, but I must specify this). I search in the forum in the last days but I don’t found never related this… but this bug is reported yesterday… ok, this isn’t a problem for me. I wait a new release of duplicati client (or duplicati ?) and retry my experiments.

Do we know that duplicati-client.exe can ever do backups in a --run-script-after (service or not-service)?

There are things that happen after the backup itself, such as sending job report and presumably scripts.

Duplicati seemingly won’t schedule next job until these are finished, e.g. if script waits, so does next job.
Test used a 300 second timeout. Status bar said backup was complete, yet GUI run of next job waited…

Duplicati client is (I think) just a lower-level interface into scheduling so post-backup DB backup may be waiting for itself to complete before it can launch DB backup job. Such deadlock won’t occur externally, explaining why script can run externally. In that case, backup has no run-after work, so can back up DB.

If this is the problem, a solution might be to export GUI job to backup DB, then just run that in the .bat file. Such command line work runs independently from jobs that run in the server, so you get no GUI results.

@ts678 I know this “workaround” but in this scenario we lost the control through web UI and, in my opinion, this is a strenght of duplicati.

Maybe you can use start or something to launch a background job to run duc, while post-run-script ends.

@ts678 Just to clarify: you suggest to create a script containing only the start command and launch this script with --run-script-after. The start command run my real backup database script. Correct?

EDIT: This is a joke… but it works! :smile:

Yep, I do it and it works great!

Wait really, it did? Strange that it would make a difference!

Beats me. I don’t even have duc, but I posted the info to the GitHub issue and Pectojin can speculate on it.