"Run now" button not working

Hello, im a new user in Duplicati. Still learning to use etc.

But today i have a issue. The button “Run now” is not working. In the green bar, always “Finished” but nothing more.

Im still with the issue. I cannot abble to run a backup.

I might be wrong but I think if you are seeing “Finished” in the status bar, there is actually still something going on. While a backup is still in progress, pressing “Run now” probably has no effect.

When there is truly no job running, the status bar will be white (not green).

Theres nothing running. All the backups are finished two days back, and because of this issue, the backup is not running (even the shedule)

I uninstall and reinstal Duplicati, but the error still here.

Anyone can help me, please?

That green status bar - there is actually STILL something running in the background. Perhaps it’s still working on uploading data. Not sure. When there truly is nothing running, the status bar has a white background.

What version are you using?

@drwtsn32 is correct that the green progress bar (and the “x” icon to the right) mean something is still running.

When nothing is running the progress bar should have a white background and no “x” icon on the right, like this.

Your screenshot shows that you’re running a beta version so it’s likely either or If it’s, then you’re probably running into the issue mentioned here where a database “vacuum” command step is started AFTER the “Finished!” message is displayed.

If you just wait until the green background goes white, then the “Run now” link should work as expected. Though you’re probably better off updating to

Of course if you’re already on, please let us know because that means either the issue came back or a new one has cropped up. :slight_smile: