Resuming backup to S3 after PC restart

I am using Duplicati on windows 10 to backup around 1TB of files to S3.

I had to restart the PC while backup was still in progress. After PC restart I started duplicati backup again thinking that it will resume but it just started from zero. With my upload speeds that means couple of days of upload was in vain. Is there a away to resume S3 backups somehow?

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Interrupted backups due to a reboot explains how all of your original backup work “should” still be there, unless you deleted files. Did you notice files at the destination? If so, that data won’t be uploaded again. You might be seeing file scan, but deduplication feature is always there so it won’t upload a block twice.

Follow the links linked to that original post if you want to see other experiences or tips for doing this if it’s your initial backup. v2.0.5.0- added a feature to “Stop after current file” which can be an alternative to doing initial uploads in small doses. I’d recommend it over the “Stop now” (which can get messy) or just restarting the PC (which might be worse). It’s hoped this will go Beta soon.

I restarted backup and after a number of “database locked” messages backup resumed. It would be useful to have a message that says that last backup was aborted after so many files and bytes. When it shows never run then it looks scary. Duplicati looks a bit fragile.I hope its back end is more robust than front end.