Interrupted backups due to a reboot

I setup a fairly large backup of 500GB to start for the first time to a WebDav server in the cloud. As it’s big it hadn’t completed the first backup yet before i had to reboot the machine (Windows box). After logging back on the backup has restarted, but it seems to have started completely from scratch?! There is still nearly 100GB worth of Duplicati backup files on the remote server from the first attempt. Surely it should continue from where it stopped? What’s going to happen to the first set of remote backup files. Am i going to end up duplicating data on the remote server? I really need the ability to be able to continue large backups as and when the machine is up and running without starting from the beginning each time.

I believe what you are seeing is duplicati checking which files are already uploaded and which are not (in other words, it is figuring out where to continue uploading). So, yes, it is starting from scratch, but it is not uploading stuff that has already been uploaded.If you have indications that it is uploading stuff twice, it would be a problem to figure out. In that case please provide more details of what you’re seeing.

Thanks for your response. What I am seeing is in the progress bar at the top of the page “Backup: X files (n GB) to go” and it’s decreasing of course… But does this mean it’s resending what’s already been backed up or is it doing as you say and working out what’s already been sent and only sending the remaining files? Its just that this countdown started from its entirety again after the reboot and it’s hard to tell if this is resending. Thanks

Crashplan is doing the same thing, BTW. Everytime it runs a backup job it goes through all the files that are part of that job and it looks like it is uploading them (because it says “n GB left”). But it is only checking the files, not uploading them (unless they have changed or are missing in the archive).

I’m not sure how smart duplicati’s progress bar is, but you should probably notice a difference in how fast the bar moves when it reaches the point where it actually starts uploading stuff, i.e. when it has reached the point where it left off.

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Thanks! I’ll keep an eye on progress to see if I notice a difference as it gets to the previous backup attempt level…