Restoring does NOT work - Please HELP

I have big problem with duplicati.
Restoring a backup ends in a mess.

I tried to uninstall Duplicati from my windows PC. Made a fresh install and setup a new backup job.
Then I tried to restore this backup and get 1000+ Error messages

[Error-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.RestoreHandler-PatchingFailed]: Failed to patch with remote file: “”, message: Fehler beim Entschlüsseln der Daten (ungültige Passphrase?): Invalid password or corrupted data

None of the files is restored only the folders!!

I am desparated :frowning:


Is this the same issue as your active issue Errors at recover? I hate to just say same help advice.
Let me give some more specific requests to make sure you’re not in the usual browser mess-up.

What browser is this, and have you checked its settings to be certain it’s not filling in passwords?
If the browser is Microsoft Edge, is it the new one Microsoft has been pushing or the original one?
I was given new Edge, and its two password settings are reachable from Settings --> Passwords.

Are either turned on (slider on the right)? If you prefer them on, look below for Saved passwords.
Delete anything for Website which is Duplicati (typically, but check browser bar).
New Edge toggles don’t seem to stop its autofill, so try deleting saved password.

Thank you very much for this useful hint.
I never thought that the password manager could have an influence to the password within duplicati

may I ask another question?

  • 2020-09-27 19:18:27 +02 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.RestoreHandler-CreateMissingFolder]: Creating missing folder C:\Users\something for file C:\Users\something\file.pst

is this a critical error?

Browser tries to help you by remembering passwords by default, but it then puts them in wrong places because it seemingly can’t tell the Duplicati screens apart, e.g. web UI password may go to decryption.
The issue became more obvious on when a not-generally-displayed password field was added.
Password saver may autofill too many places, getting --auth-password is not supported #4102 has one proposed method to work around over-eager password fillers, but help from a web expert would help…

Kind of by definition, no. A warning calls something to your attention. Something failing is called an Error.
Duplicati checks those file contents against backup records after restore. If no complaint, they’re all fine.

Duplicati restores to Pick location rather than Original location are less likely to accidentally hurt something at the original location if the file is currently in use (or other reasons), but are less likely to see every folder already in existence. The warning is just saying it had to create a folder to put restored file in. Typically people care more about the file restore than the containing folder, but the choice of that is yours.

Another thing you may see is that the entire folder structure from drive root is not created, but just what’s needed to restore what you asked for. Advanced option don’t-compress-restore-paths could change that.