Restore Encryption file i had forget Passphrase

Restore Encryption file i had forget Passphrase, so i need to restore the file without passphrase, Is any way to restore it. Backup has taken 2 year before now i try to restore the file it has PassPhrase , but i had forget it.

Please help me.

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Any idea pls let me know
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Can you describe your situation further? Do you have a total loss of original system drive data, and only files at some backup destination, with filenames ending in .zip.aes? And do you have no configuration export to a file or for command line or .bat file or other script? Is anything but encrypted files available?

It sounds kind of like Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost which does have some bugs, but “Direct restore” should work, provided you know the needed information (or can get it out of something).

AES Crypt is probably a faster more user-friendly password-guess tool if you have to resort to guessing. Sometimes people reuse passwords. Not good for security, but maybe one you use elsewhere will work. Would there be anyone else who used the system who would be willing to help guess at the password?

What Duplicati version are you trying a restore with?

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