Restore duplicati settings and database to new install

Hey all, so duplicati has been running fine for a while now and I’ve moved the installation around before. I forgot how long it took after importing the backup jobs to recreate the database. Its been over 10 hours already and thats just the first backup. By this rate I’ll be done by the end of the week. I am glad it works, dont get me wrong and Im confident that when I need to recover from a disaster, that this will actually work and I can get my stuff back.

For those planned occasions however, I really need a better (read: faster) way. When I plan to move or reinstall that machine, this is taking way too long. I understand Duplicati can’t make some oneline storage facility work faster, so im not looking at speeding the process up, I just want a proper way to restore Duplicati settings and database in a reliable fashion.

So, I installed Duplicati on Rocky Linux 8, I am coming from Red Hat 8. Same thing as CentOS, different name. I have a file level backup by means of an rsync snapshot from the rhel8 machine on a NAS.

I install Duplicati on the new install by jumping through a few mandatory hoops. Before I start the duplicati service, how can I move all the settings and the database from the rhel backup to the new Rocky Linux host, so that I get everything back the way it was?

Thanks for the advise!

When I have a planned move to a new machine, I just transfer the sqlite files (Duplicati-server.sqlite plus the job-specific sqlite files). This way there is no need to import jobs or recreate databases at all. Have you tried doing this and did you run into any issues?