Release: (beta) 2021-06-17

This is a minor bugfix release with only two changes, which affects a small number of users:

  • Disabled SSH backend ECDSA keys on Mono as it does not work (see issue #4506)
  • Fixed priority of options from AWS and Azure backend if both underscore and dashed version were used (see issue #4513)
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Could anyone please confirm that the order of release types is this?:

Less Tested/Reliable


More Tested/Reliable

Generally accurate, however More Tested/Reliable is complex. Beta is by far the most tested by users,
but Canary is sometimes more reliable if changes fix more than they break. Because it’s had very little testing other than automated unit tests, it can be risky and is definitely not recommended for everybody. Those who use Duplicati for non critical backups help the project out by doing early testing with Canary.

Currently Experimental is sort of a release candidate for Beta, done mainly to test that upgrading works.
This may or may not always be so. Generally, reading the Release note will say what you’re getting into.

Settings in Duplicati explains how to change update channels, and gives some older recommendations.

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This installation is failing for me on Windows 10 with Firefox.

When I “open” Duplicati from the systray icon, it opens the usual web page with a status panel. At the bottom of that page is a banner showing “New update found:”, with three buttons: prompting me to “Show”/“Install”/“Dismiss”.

If I click on “Install”, it changes to a “Downloading” process bar which fills normally and, when it gets to 100%, either sits there forever, clears and starts again or disappears and returns to displaying the “Show”/“Install”/“Dismiss” buttons. I’ve tried it quite a few times now, and all of those three possibilities have occurred.

Restarting my PC has no effect. It’s still running Duplicati - and it’s working fine, so nothing appears to have happened.

Has anyone else made this work on Windows 10 with Firefox 89.0.1 (64-bit)?

I’m getting this too, but it’s not the first version that gives me this behavior, my Duplicati hasn’t been running properly for months, I think I better start a separate thread …