Release: (canary) 2022-06-12

New canary release seems to be out:

Changes in this version:

  • Avoid creating empty data folders, thanks @albertony
  • Disable updates for debug builds, thanks @AxeOfMen
  • Fixed issue with empty popups, thanks @AxeOfMen
  • Improved Python verification script, thanks @mr-flibble
  • Fixed issue where invalid timestamps would prevent files from being backed up, thanks @albertony
  • Improved restore progress information, thanks @flawiddsouza
  • Python verification script now has statistics, thanks @mr-flibble
  • Added Swiss Backup to list of OpenStack and S3 providers, thanks @PAPAMICA
  • Fixed errors on updated Hyper-V versions, thanks @awerghcpc
  • Added check to detect partially written files on network drives, thanks @dkrahmer
  • Added IDrive as a backup destination, thanks @dkrahmer
  • Removed insecure TLS versions, thanks @mnaiman
  • Changed Jottacloud backend to use OAuth, thanks @albertony

Personal notes (not to be discussed in this thread):
Awesome advancements, yet, the only thing I’m (personally) really waiting the fix for is the compaction process, if it’s aborted.


I tried to install this on my RaspberryPI, but it errored out with unknown compression "control.tar.zst". Please find more details on the below thread:

zstd is already installed though.

Seems that the latest canary also broke the disk i/o optimization which could be previously used to reduce unnecessary disk i/o.

Is that a PR that needs to be merged?

Yep, this version doesn’t install on Debian 11. @kenkendk can we switch the deb package back to the other compression method? Not sure if there was a good reason it was changed for this release.

Unfortunately no. It happens when it happens. No need to rediscuss it here.