Release: (canary) 2018-10-23

Just FYI, it’s not recommended using the upgrade functionality inside docker. You’d have to mount out the updates folder to not lose the update immediately on container restart. And even then you may run into trouble.

Yes, the version check is there because it is hard to have a foolproof way to check if the changes are compatible or not.

The update is very simple, so something like this SQL query should be able to revert the update (not tested!):

CREATE TABLE "BackupTemp" AS SELECT "ID", "Name", "Tags", "TargetURL", "DBPath" FROM "Backup";
DROP TABLE "Backup";
ALTER TABLE "BackupTemp" RENAME TO "Backup";
UPDATE "Version" SET "Version" = 5;

It should ideally just DROP COLUMN "Description" FROM "Backup" but SQLite does not support DROP COLUMN

I was planning to push out an experimental build based on the latest canary, because OneDriveV1 is shutting down on nov 31st. But with this problem, would it make sense to wait for a verified fix before we push the experimental out?

The comment from @kenkendk worries me unless Microsoft has changed plans. I still can’t find a nov 31st date mentioned elsewhere, but I can find November 1, 2018 still said at Migrating from Live SDK to Microsoft Graph

A DROP COLUMN method via DB Browser for SQLite buttons is here in forum, linking here in stackoverflow. Windows users need to have Duplicati open their database with --unencrypted-database option first though.

I switched one of my configurations to use the MS Graph API to reproduce the problem and for me, the fix has resolved the issue. However, it would be nice to get some independent verification…

Sounds like that might be related to my issues here:

The workaround provided in the Github issue (double slashing) did solve the problem in my case. Thank you for your help!

Yes, you are correct, I meant oct. 31st, but the real date is nov. 1st