"Recreating database" appears to do nothing

I am trying to move a backup source from a Linux host to a Windows host (external USB drive).

To do this, I’ve done the following:

  • Export the backup job and edit the source path manually to match the Windows drive letter and slash/backslashes, escaped.
  • Download the dlist files, decrypt them and edit the json files to update the paths to match the Windows drive letter and slash/backslashes, escaped (I did not do a wholesale find and replace, since there are other slashes in the file)
  • Re-encrypt and place the updated dlist files back on the destination
  • Import the backup
  • Recreate the database
  • Run backup

This worked great for one backup job, but on a second one I’m doing this for, it seems to hang indefinitely on the recreate database step. I left it over night and the progress bar is always empty and there is no CPU usage from any duplicati processes on the machine.

Any thoughts about what might be going on?

When viewing the profile log level, the last message I can see is:

Backend event: List - Started: ()

Also I couldn’t seem to find where Duplicati is storing the database files on Windows 10 when running as a service. I tried to navigate to the path listed in the database page, but it doesn’t exist on my system.

Not sure what it’s doing now, but after trying a few restarts and retries, I do notice some network activity and also some new profiling messages appearing along the lines of

ExecuteScalarInt64: INSERT INTO "Remotevolume" ("OperationID", "Name", "Type", "State", "Size", "VerificationCount", "DeleteGraceTime") VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?); SELECT last_insert_rowid(); took 00:00:00.000

Will let it run and see what happens!

Hmm after recreating the database I tried to do a backup and it kept on getting stuck on Verifying Files. Eventually something happened and it showed that my source is now 0 bytes. Not wanting it to delete everything from my destination, I deleted and re-imported the configuration. Now trying to do the recreate again and it looks the same. It’s at “Backend event: List - Started: ()” but there doesn’t appear to be much activity at all. Will let it sit for a bit and see if it progresses…

What version of Duplicati are you running?

If you check the main menu “About” -> “System info” page and scroll down to “Sever state properties” the most recently executed command should dynamically show in the lastPgEvent line.

That should at least let you see that something is going on - or this could be another variant of what I showed here:

Thanks JonMikeIV for following-up and for providing the link. Eventually, I suspected that it might actually have been the same as the issue I experienced in this other thread when actually trying to do a back-up: Backup run through web interface does not work, but works through exported command line

I had gotten past the recreating database step by running the re-create via the command line, hoping it was just a one-off issue due to me migrating from Linux to Windows.

I never came back to try to figure out where the recreating database hung, but I suspect it was the same issue (the OneDrive backend class being blocked on a Console.WriteLine statement). This was on version release/

I’ve actually since switched to just building the latest version off of the master branch so I could use the new OneDriveV2 backend, which it is working great so far!

I’m glad to hear the OneDriveV2 backend is working for you!

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you don’t need to resolve the database recreate “appears to do nothing” issue anymore. It was never “solved” but I can close the topic for you if you don’t want/need any more posts about it.

Yes, you can close the topic. While I didn’t test it, I suspect that the issue would actually be resolved by the fix that kenkendk committed in that other thread. Thanks!