Progress bar broken in Safari after upgrade


Since upgrading to the release on Mac OS Mojave, the progress bar in Safari no longer shows any useful information. After starting a backup it looks like this:

And it seems to stay this way for the whole backup. Note the tiny green speck just below “carl” – that makes it look to me like it’s trying to display something else, but it’s appearing below the status bar (and under the rest of the UI). So probably a CSS issue?

In Chrome, things look a bit better:

although the “Starting backup” text never used to be right-aligned. Was that a deliberate change?

If this could be fixed that would be great as I tend to use Safari rather than Chrome.



Never mind, it looks like what I needed to do was a hard refresh of the page in the browser & now it renders fine. I really like the UI improvements, BTW!

So maybe what’s really needed here is for the HTTP server in Duplicati to flag resources as stale/non-cacheable/TTL=0 or something like that (I’m not an HTTP guru so don’t know what the right nomenclature for this setting is).

Possibly this will reduce the need for doing hard refresh.

Release: (canary) 2018-12-11

  • Added cache-buster for all local static files, thanks @LacunaSoftware

Should fix all the cache issues knocks on wood