Problems with jottacloud

hello all, hope someone can help. so I’ve downloaded the latest canarie version of duplicati and given it my jottacloud login token, things work for a while and the backup starts uploading but after some time, I get an authentication error, and have to generate a new token. I contacted jottacloud about it and after some back and forth they said that the first token they give you, on the account security page is a single use token and is used to pull a longer duration token from their system, so I’m guessing that the implementation used by duplicati doesn’t pull this new, longer duration token from the jottacloud system or is broken in some way, so when the single use token expires, the authentication fails?

Hello @guiltmanager

While I don’t use your storage provider, I follow this forum since some time now and there is a huge thread on Jottacloud that describes the state of affairs. IIRC current Duplicati is not up to the task and there are some unofficial DLL floating around that allow Duplicati to work better. Hit this magnifier icon at the upper right of this screen and search the archives, it will allow you to find them and maybe assuage your guilt !

thank you so much for this will see what I can find, but being totally
blind myself forums can be a little difficult for me which is why I
created a new topic so I wouldnt have loads of replies to scroll down
through regarding other issues, if that makes sense. thank you again.

Welcome to the forum @guiltmanager

A user-contributed unofficial build of 3 DLL update for C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2 is linked from below.

Jottacloud Error 401 (Unauthorized) The post includes a download link for file

It seems fairly effective, though possibly not perfect. A scorecard summary is here, then posts continue.
There’s also a workaround of setting rclone to use Jottacloud then Duplicati to use rclone, but it’s longer.

brilliant thank you for that! have downloaded the files and will try installing them. im running the latest canarie build, should I downgrade to the normal build or are these files for the canarie build do you know?

I think this is closer to the current Canary, probably built from what’s in GitHub now (but not yet released).
Trying to add it on the Beta possibly works, but I don’t know offhand whether anybody has tried that yet…

interesting! im on the latest canarie thats been pushed to the
duplicati app, can I download a more recent one from github then?
sorry not too knowledgeable about how the updates work exactly


When code goes into Duplicati, it’s not immediately released, just available for devs and do-it-yourself.
In GitHub terminology, a commit goes into a branch called master. Eventually a Canary release is cut, followed by an Experimental, followed by a Beta, but release manager is unavailable at the moment…

Because Canary is the first entry to community testing, it exposes new fixes, features, and mistakes… Generally something to be careful with (for important data), but on average it’s usually an improvement. page near top, has a link to show commits to master since this release.
Jottacloud fixes are among them.

ah ok! so once those fixes are compiled into a windows binary, then a
new canarie is released, and pushed to those who selected canarie in
the settings?

also on a completely different note, say i’m backing up my C drive
right now, and decide I want to add my D drive to my duplicati backup,
is it enough to simply edit the backup job and add the D drive and
duplicati will do the rest or arent you supposed to add other drives /
folders after a backup has started?

Not exactly pushed, but offered in GUI. Channel setting starts at channel of install, but can be changed.

For changing backup source configuration, do it when the backup is not running, then run backup again.

brill thank you so much for all your help. really appreciated.

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