Problem after install

Hello. I had installed ver 2 ( (I have and use ver 1 at same computer). After installing I started the program and set password as recomended. Also I set another options. But after OK I had error: wrong password, after correct password - “Too many attempts” and now: “Failed to get nonce: To Many Concurrent Request, try again later”.
After close and open the program from tray I saw the interface without asked password but see that password was set. After I clicked to Exit and Logined again - All OK.

The same as: "Failed to get nonce: Too many active login attempts" after setting User Interface password

Did the solution (or any other suggestions) on the linked thread work for you?

Yes: exit and start again service via tray and Start menu.

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Good to hear!

I flagged that link post as the solution - let me know if you disagree.