Permissions for folder access in FreeNAS

I have Duplicati running in FreeNAS 11.3U3.2. I’m having trouble with permissions to the Source Data. Duplicati is running as the user in the jail. The group duplicati is also a member of www,mysql,wheel

I want to back up the config dir which is a subdir of backup but the backup dir show a folder symbol with an ! in it.
drwxrwx— 5 root wheel 21 Apr 18 18:22 backup
drwxrwxr-- 16 root wheel 16 Jun 18 01:55 config
Not sure what I’m doing wrong

Figured it out.
my /etc/group file needs to use the : not the , like this

Glad you figured it out and thank you for posting the solution! Hopefully it will help others in the future.

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