Password box send-mail-password

Hi guys, is it possible to hide the password of sending email?
I don’t want the user to see the e -mail password.


I advise you to setup an email address specific for this task, or to use a free SMTP server like Sendinblue Free SMTP - Gmail alternative

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I agree with @sync2019 - sendinblue is a nice service, and it won’t expose any sensitive email password.

Alternatively, if your users shouldn’t have access to the web UI at all you could configure setting a web UI password. This isn’t foolproof as a determined user with sufficient privileges could clear the password.

The web UI has only one login, not different ones for different levels of what-they-should-get.
One GUI inconsistency seems to be that this field doesn’t get asterisks like some other ones,
however the asterisks mostly prevent accidental viewing (can’t un-see), not intentional views.
Sort of by definition, facilities like an Export As Command-line show all (because it’s needed).