Orphan sqlite files?

Hi -

First, I just upgraded to the latest and it seems to be working great! Much faster, much more stable…

I moved all my sqlite files off of C: drive (Windows 10) bc of space issues via the move database option for each backup.

However, I have a number of residual sqlite files still on C:

  • some of them are standard file names (eg GXKMMSHLPS.sqlite) and I’m assuming these are orphans from previous backups where I had unusual abends - they are not listed in any of my backups under dfatabase.

  • but I also have quite a few files names "backup " + std duplicati sqlite name (eg backup GXKMMSHLPS.sqlite). I have no idea where these came from.

Assuming I’ve confirmed (and reconfirmed) that none of these sqlite files are referenced by any backup config, is it kosher to manually delete them?

Thx, and thx for a great release on this latest beta!

These files are created when upgrading Duplicati results in a change in database schema. They are created just in case something bad happens so you can roll back. If Duplicati is working fine after the upgrade, you can go ahead and delete the “backup” sqlite files.

More info: Old automatic sqlite backup files in AppData folder are never deleted · Issue #4950 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

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Is there a date in the file name as shown in referenced issue? If so, is it the date of the upgrade?
You can also look at the Windows date of the file. Is it the last backup before upgrade was done?
There are some other sorts of backup files, but basically anything too ancient is not of much use.