Option to install as service in Windows installer

I think it would be very nice if the windows installer has a option to install duplicati directly as service. I know its not default because of the security problems. But I think in many cases this is not a problem, because many PCs are only used by one person. An it give the advantage, that you can usw snapshots to make your backup.

So it would be nice to have this as an option, not as default.


I agree. The idea is tracked here:

To be clear, you can still use snapshots even if it doesn’t run as a service. You can run it elevated to get the ability to use snapshots. I use the Task Scheduler trick to launch the TrayIcon process elevated at logon. I found this approach worked better than running it as a service, personally.

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This also has the advantage of being able to dynamically map drives that might be needed exclusively during a backup / restore.

Thank you for pointing this out. This is sufficient for my needs, and was easier than trying to setup Duplicati to run as a service.

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since it is usually installed on server machines also microsoft, it would be very useful to be able to install only as a service, I tried to install as a service and as a local, only that changes the configuration ports, and when I open the page if I open the wrong mail see no configured backup.
something that creates confusion