OneDrive For Business - No Errors - No Backup

I just set up my first backup to OneDrive For Business. Here’s a screenshot of my destination info:

“Test Connection” returns “Connection worked!”. The backup itself seems to work I have 1 version available to restore after my first run.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where the backup actually is. It’s not in the path specified. I’ve used the search function in OneDrive to search the entire organization. The files just don’t seem to be there. The folder specified in the configuration is empty.

Any idea where I should look for the files and how I can correct this configuration?

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You can do <job> → Show log → Remote. It should look similar to below. Click on list to expand it.

That shows that the files are somewhere (which is good to know), but doesn’t show you exactly where.
If it comes up with no files, OD4B can do that (it hits the 5000 file list view limit), but Duplicati will error.
Microsoft OneDrive v2 (Microsoft Graph API) is how one avoids that, if your backup gets large enough.

Maybe a OneDrive for Business expert will have ideas. I don’t have it, but I do use OneDrive Personal.

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was a similar situation, with quite a bit of mystery, but some solutions found. You can try things there…

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I’ll add to the informations given by @ts678 that it’s possible to examine the backend as seen by Duplicati using Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe
It can only be used in a system console - use the ‘export’ (as command line) fonction in the Web UI to get the connect string, then go to the Duplicati program directory - it should be c:\program files\duplicati 2 as probably you use Windows - and enter the program name - Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe - followed by ‘LIST’, followed by the connect string.

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Thanks for the responses. A link that was shared led to another link. This is what solved my problem:

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