Where are my OneDrive backup files?

So, I’ve just installed Duplicati and configured a small backup, sending the files to OneDrive for Business.

I selected “Run Now” and Wireshark showed me some network activity going to and from my OneDrive site.

However, in manually looking at the OneDrive site in my web browser, I don’t see any files!

I deleted the files on the local machine and did a restore. More network activity to the correct place and the files got restored.

But from where?

I’m not comfortable trusting my backups to a completely black box …

As a test, I used another commercial backup product with a 30 day free license and did much the same thing, just with different files. Here the backup DID show up in OneDrive space, so I’m quite sure my OneDrive ID and password is OK.

Did I miss something in the docs?

Post up a screenshot of your destination settings. Maybe someone can spot the missing error.

I have the backup to non-business OneDrive running happy and sweet.

When backups go wrong the paths created by Duplicati end up being relative to the C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\ folder. Go look down in there and see if you can spot a folder named in error after your OneDrive destination.

OK, here’s a shot of my settings and of my OneDrive space. Pretty simple and hard to screw up. This is after BOTH a Duplicati backup as well as a Veeam backup.

Also, I tried Duplicati with OneDrive non-business, using my wife’s free account, and things appeared in the expected place.

OK, didn’t find the files but DID find a note online about how to configure Duplicati for OD for Business.

Duplicati and OneDrive on office 365 · Issue #2062 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

Configured in that manner and tada, files appeared. Now in the process of sending 100,000 or so files to Microsoft.

I’m glad you got this working. There’s quite a lot in that note. In case someone else has your exact problem someday, which parts of the note helped, and (optionally) do you have any idea what was going on before?

OneDrive for Business is, unfortunately, totally unfamiliar to me, but I did try to learn some on the Internet…

I had to update the path. To quote from the GitHub page

Path: personal/YOUR_MAIL_ADDRESS/Documents/Duplicati (where “Duplicati” is a folder I created in OneDrive!)

Previously, I had simply entered “Duplicati”

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I have the same problem with my family version of Office 365 OneDrive, I don’t see the directories I create with Duplicati
Duplicati -

no matter if I start my path with “Documents/my_path” or with “personal/my_mail_address/Documents/my_path”

Did something change? Backups are succeeding and I am able to restore…


can’t someone give me the information how to find my backups on OneDrive?

Hello and welcome to the forum!

I saw your first message but was hoping someone with OneDrive experience would reply. I will try setting up a test account to see if I can figure out the answer.

Thanks, this is much appreciated!

If you need additional information just ping me.

I was hoping someone with Office 365 OneDrive experience would reply.

@Mecir can you please identify as well as possible exactly what this is?
There are a lot of offerings aimed at different users. Technologies vary…

Introducing Microsoft 365

Is this Office 365 OneDrive (paid, and recently renamed Microsoft 365)?

The free OneDrive works fine here (YMMV). No odd paths, no surprises.
onedrive.com goes under https://onedrive.live.com to My Files
There sits my Duplicati Backups folder and specific subfolders below.
Duplicati’s Path on server is simply Duplicati Backups/subfolder

Note that sometimes slash direction matters. I think forward works better.

Possibly @Mecir can look around the area to see what is visible nearby.

Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe can probably take a URL from
Export As Command-line
and then subfolders can be removed to look for identifiable files in listing.
This worked a bit for me, but it didn’t list folders, and eventually errorred.

My product is Microsoft 365 Family and when I open the online version I get something like


as URL but cannot see my Duplicati folders under My Files.

I use “Microsoft OneDrive v2” in Duplicati

“Family” removes the question of business features in the storage, so I don’t know why nothing’s seen.
Google Drive has some visibility weirdness, but AFAIK yours should look like the free OneDrive does…

One occasional point of confusion is that Duplicati uses a single folder at the chosen path, with special files inside that don’t look anything like the source folders. Filenames contain dlist, dindex, and dblock. They usually begin with duplicati- and unless you’ve kept all old versions, Recycle bin may have some.

Does the GB used in the lower left bar show enough to match a backup? Might be hard to say, if small.

In the upper left bar, you can type duplicati in the Search everything box to see what it can find…

What sort of folders can you see in My files? My setup is “used” (maybe @drwtsn32 has new one), however I see Windows-looking things like Pictures and Favorites that I don’t think I made on purpose.

this is what I see:


but I don’t see a folder as large as my Duplicate backup is. Maybe something went wrong when moving from the free version to the paid one? But I even cannot see the folders of new backups to different folders…I can give one of you a tempory account of my “family” to test if you want.

That looks like my left bar. As I click on the various things, I see what’s there, to right of that.
Are you saying absolutely nothing is in My files? And nothing above that? Here’s my view:

You see Search everything there. Do you have one? Did you try it? Ditto for Recycle bin.

There are some view controls on the right of the top bar. Above that, there’s the Settings gear
where you can go to Options --> Manage space --> What’s taking up space, to check for files.
My large ones happen to be Duplicati files. Yours might be different. Regardless, another tool.

arrgghhh, found it: looks like my browser cached another Microsoft session with a different account while creating the AuthIDs.

My files are in a different account :unamused:.

Sorry for all the confusion and thanks for your help!

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Glad you were able to find the files, and thanks for your help @ts678 - saved me from having to set up my own OneDrive backup as a test.