OAUTH Problem with Onedrive

I have several backups that go to Onedrive. At one point they all worked fine. Two of them are ones that change a lot and I backup nightly, and they work fine. A couple of others rarely change much and I haven’t bothered doing a backup in months.

Now when I go to refresh those older ones I get

Failed to authorize using the OAuth service: Server error. If the problem persists, try generating a new authid token from: Duplicati OAuth Handler

Is there some time limit on OAuth without use that I’m hitting?

Should I click on that URL, and if so what happens next if I do?


seems to be a thing about OAuth that authorization needs to be renewed periodically. It’s an enterprisey standard so it’s complicated and you need to check with each provider what are the exact rules. I have seen a need to renew OAuth with Onedrive and it was not a very long delay (less than a month). Just tried it yesterday with almost a month since last backup and it worked. Duh.

Well, if you want your backup to work again, there is no other solution that I can see.

Refresh token lifetime (Microsoft) might be their rule, if 90 day expiration seems like what you’re seeing.

For convenience, you might be able to go to your Destination screen, prove AuthID is broken by clicking Test connection, and if so click AuthID like you did originally, then prove Test connection got well.

Going directly to the OAuth server would probably need manual copy back to Destination. No big deal.

Thanks, that did it!