OAUTH Failing on Onedrive

Suddenly all my Onedrive backups are failing with the OAUTH error. These are backups distributed over 3 machines, so its not a particular one thats failing.

This happened in the past with multiple users reporting it, and there was a central fix, so I wonder if its the same thing again.


I have a test account with this thing and I just tried to regenerate a token - works for me.

I didn’t repeat the above test, but I did do a backup and it worked fine. I also found this page:

Revoke access to OneDrive where the URL for my personal account showed me what I had.


You could look at whatever applies to your situation and see if Microsoft still knows Duplicati.
Interestingly I have two entries with different logo styles . The one used in 2019 might be old.

OAUTH Problem with Onedrive might be your past report, but it was posted just 53 days ago.
I’m pretty sure my OneDrive was idle for longer than that. I had switched over to Backblaze…

Thanks for jogging my memory! I guess that although they run every day they need to be renewed every so often. So all it took was clicking on Authid on each to get a new one.

Maybe, but also maybe you’re pushing old ones out by making new ones for something.
Sometimes there’s a finite limit to the number of connections the service can remember.
Because there aren’t many reports of your situation, I suggest you do the check I linked.


I could find only some anecdotal information on Microsoft, but Google’s equivalent is 100.

Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs

There is currently a limit of 100 refresh tokens per Google Account per OAuth 2.0 client ID. If the limit is reached, creating a new refresh token automatically invalidates the oldest refresh token without warning.

although theirs is per client ID rather than per account. Regardless, try seeing your usage.