OAuth Issues affecting multiple storage providers

Uso Google Drive e OneDrive em uns 20 clientes e todos pararam hoje, nenhum autentica, com instalação nova, backup novo, não tem o que fazer, será que o desenvolvedor consegue reverter o que foi feito no Duplicati?

I am running into the same issuing backing up to OneDrive (Microsoft 365 for business.) I tried getting a new OAuth token but that does not seem to help.

Olá @Rio7878 aqui comigo mesma coisa… Já tem alguma novidade? Caso possa avisar se houver uma solução, segue skype adlei.souza

Desde já obrigado!

who’s the best contact person for the code work which might need fixing?

Until the server admin can be reached, can you or @jhall help any way?
I’m not sure if any of the failed services could be tried on your own server.

[Documentation] Request: Document self-hosting with Google App Engine #1 lays out the steps.
I don’t have personal experience with how much trouble it is to get credentials from the provider.

Hi all!.
I’m having same issues.

Duplicati.Library.Interface.UserInformationException: Failed to authorize using the OAuth service: Server error. If the problem persists, try generating a new authid token from: https://duplicati-oauth-handler.appspot.com?type=googledrive ---> System.Net.WebException: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.
  at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponseFromData (System.Net.WebResponseStream stream, System.Threading.CancellationToken cancellationToken) [0x00146] in <9c6e2cb7ddd8473fa420642ddcf7ce48>:0 
  at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.RunWithTimeoutWorker[T] (System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1[TResult] workerTask, System.Int32 timeout, System.Action abort, System.Func`1[TResult] aborted, System.Threading.CancellationTokenSource cts) [0x000f8] in <9c6e2cb7ddd8473fa420642ddcf7ce48>:0 

Same here, with Google Drive.
Just got, but same error as this morning.
“Operation List with file attempt 3 of 5 failed with message: Failed to authorize using the OAuth service: Server error.”

Until the server admin can be reached, can you or @jhall help any way?

Looking into it. Trying to debug it with a local installation of the oauth service, and I think I have reproduced the error (but not solved it yet).


Got it! :dart:
…at least in my local, crazy-hack service installation, but pretty sure this is it. Pull request on oauth service coming up in a few minutes, hopefully shorter response time on this one. :crossed_fingers:


Wonderful news! We’re trying to reach the Duplicati OAuth server admin. I haven’t heard back yet…

Hi all, it was a simple typo (admittedly a confusing one) introduced as part of fixing Jottacloud.
The issue has been fixed and the service updated.

It has been too long since I last updated the OAuth handler that I forgot to monitor the request logs after the update. Next update I will make sure to announce the change prior to performing it and monitor the request logs afterwards.

Appologies for the interruption.


Está voltando a funcionar em todos os lugares que usamos, algo foi corrigido, abençoado seja!

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Thanks for resolving :slight_smile: I can confirm my overnight job ran happily last night :slight_smile:

Thanks for resolving. My backups run fine now :slight_smile:

Thanks for this quick fix! System running fine again.

cheers thanks for fixing it works i love you guys

Thank you for fixing it!

I’m still having the exact same issue as the other people were describing here.

What must I do to apply the fix? Will this be pushed through the standard update pipeline? When can I expect the service to work again? I’m using Fedora 36

Welcome to the forum @meyou69

No. This issue was in the Internet-hosted Duplicati OAuth handler service.
It was caused by a June 12 change and fixed in a June 13 change above.
It also only affects OAuth-using storage types, where you have an AuthID.

This topic consolidates many reports that began on June 13, so is generic.
Please see the linked reports for description if you think you’re seeing this.
Also, give your specifics. As you see here, this fix solved numerous cases.

Never mind, I didn’t know I had to regenerate an AuthID for Google Drive AND copy paste the new AuthID to a different configuration page.
I just did this tonight and Duplicati finally works again. The two step process isn’t intuitive at all but at least I understand how it works now.
Thank you for your answer! My issue is solved now!