"No filests found" Error retrieving a copy (restoring a backup)

Dear, I am trying to restore a backup of a user from my notebook, the copy is FTP type, but after entering the security phrase I get the following error “Could not connect: No filesets found on remote target” .

This has to do with access to the user interface? “allow remote access” …

Thank you…

No - if you can get to the “Restore” menu then this is not “allow remote access” related.

This means that you ARE connected to the destination (so it’s not a security phrase problem) but no Duplicati files are found. Either they’re not there or, more likely, you’re not looking in the correct folder.

Can you manually connect to the FTP destination and check what folder has “duplicati-......” files it in?

Dear Jon, is there a possibility to restore the user’s files from a different interface?

I do not understand the usefulness of remote access …?
Thank you…
Claudio …

There are many ways to get to the file restore process (though many of them are just different ways to start the same process).

Have you looked through the restore documentation that includes screenshots?

Note that all these processes involve being able to get to the actual backup files. I’d suggest you try manually logging into the FTP destination and looking at the folder Duplicati is set up to use.

If you DON’T see a folder full of files that start with duplicati- and end with .zip or .zip.aes then the problem is that Duplicati is being told the wrong place to restore from.

    In the GUI

  1. “Restore files…” from the job menu
  2. “Direct restore from backup files …” from the main menu “Restore” menu
  3. “Restore from configuration …” from the main menu “Restore” menu
  4. “<job name>” from main menu “Restore” menu

    Command line

  1. Duplicati.CommandLine.exe restore as described here (RecoveryTool Command options)
  2. Third party python script as described here (Independent restore program)