Newbie unable to select network drive for backup

Hi. I’m trying to set up a backup from my PC to a local networked drive (Seagate personal cloud).

Unfortunately I can’t see it to select it as a destination for the backup under drives and none of my attempts at guessing the path work. It is clearly visible and accessible from the file explorer. I’m sure this is a an easy one to solve but I couldn’t see a solution in the support threads and would appreciate help to get this up and running. Thx

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How dies this network drive appear in Explorer? Does it have a drive letter?

In Duplicati, you are selecting “Local folder or drive” on the Destination section, correct? It should show the same drive letters you see in Explorer - including mapped network drives. But it may not in some cases, like if you are running Duplicati as a service.

Hi and thanks for your response.

In explorer it shows under network. It doesn’t have a drive letter.

Yes, I’m looking under the"local folder or drive" but it doesn’t show up, just showing the drives in my pc and no network.

Could you please explain what ruining Duplicati as a service is as I don’t understand that. I’m not trying to do anything clever, just run simple backups on what I suppose is a pretty straightforward setup.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thx

Ok, if it’s showing up under network then you can probably use a UNC path (eg, \\device\share\folder) with Duplicati. Make sure you creat a new, empty folder for use as a Duplicati backup target (for each machine and backup set) and copy/paste the UNC path to the destination field.

Map a network drive in File Explorer might be another option, although I’m not positive what the NAS is.
Seagate PersonalCloud shows some of this confusion over what the NAS is, but some of it might help…

Possibly you could ask the person there who got it working for some specifics of what they saw and did. UNC might work, File Explorer might, or net use might. Use the Reply button directly to the right of post:

which way you go is probably a matter of preference, convenience, and what obstacles the NAS poses.