Seagate PersonalCloud

Hi all
I do use Seagate PersonalCloud 2Bay for my backup.
Is Duplicati compatible with Seagate PersonalCloud?
If so, can someone help me with the setting for a new +Job?
Thank you

Welcome to the forum @Robi

This is the first mention I can find of that device in the forum or issues, so I’m not sure who would say.

Personal Cloud HTML documentation is either pretty thin or the services supported are pretty thin too.

Full NAS OS seems to have plenty of standard protocols. Check your user interface for some of them:

SMB might be a Windows net use or some other way of mapping, plus Duplicati Local folder or drive.

FTP would be FTP or FTP (Alternative) which are pretty insecure, so go over a network that you trust.

SFTP would be SFTP (SSH) which would be much safer if you worry any about trusting your network.

WebDAV would be WebDAV.

I did find one article for a Personal Cloud device with these FILE SERVICES, so maybe you got them:

Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay Consumer NAS Review (Page 3)

Thank you for the welcome and for the replay @ts678
It works with SMB, so I’m fine now.
Thanks for your help