Newbie backup shows successful but 0 byte sent

Got Duplicati up and running in a Freenas jail which was quite a chore. Software shows access to selecting the files I want to backup. I select them and point to my Google drive which is tested and successful. Backup is run, and takes seconds on a 3.5GB selection. Three files on remote google drive showing an average of 825K. No errors reported.

Can’t see anything in the log that jumps out at me other than something that says 0 bytes selected. I can post the log but see that it is lengthy and not sure of forum policy on that.

Thanks for any help and a good piece of software that shows ability and simplicity. A tough target to code to.

Hello and welcome to the forum!

Normally you would get warning messages if Duplicati could not read some of the data you selected for backup. On the main Duplicati UI screen where it shows the backup jobs, does it really show “Source: 0 bytes”? What does it show for “Backup: X / XXX Versions”?

This is what I see, and I agree that software trying to access a file that is denied (permission issues and the like) would throw an error.
Thanks for helping out. The Freenas community would like to see this.

Any help on this? If there is some reading I could do on the problem just point :wink:

By default the FreeNAS jail version of Duplicati runs under a specific user and may not have access to files on the host machine.

I don’t use this setup myself, but I see someone else posted a solution in this thread:

Perhaps it will help you out as well.

Thanks for trying to help but the solution in that thread does not seem to offer what the user employed, just a cryptic one line statement.

They also didn’t state if they installed Duplicatii in a fresh jail, or used the community provided plugin which would make a difference.

I’ll keep at it.