New backup failure

I recently communicated on my difficulties or misunderstandings.
I’m leaving on a new thread to be more precise

I still have 1 backup out of 6 that does not work.
It’s the biggest 15 GB, but others of 10 GB went well
It is really problematic with the time spent and the multiple tests.
Here’s the background. I’m on a free 25 GB hubic account
~ 15 days ago, 1 or 2 backups ended well.
As all repair requests do not improve anything, I decided

  • delete the remote hubic directory
  • delete backup
  • creation of a new name of the remote hubic directory (otherwise problem)
  • create new backup with remote volume size: 100 MB
  • launch and unwind slowly for hours
  • at the end, I just received this message again:
    “Found 1 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair”
    No backup is present in the web page under firefox / ubuntu
    Remotely, there are 15 GB that have been saved and I can see blocks in the remote folder.


The hubiC service is now closed to new subscriptions.

Furthermore, we are open to discussion if a European partner capable of providing a storage solution for everyone in accordance with OVH’s values is interested in taking over hubiC.

I worry about any storage provider that wants to get out of the business. Search the Internet for info, maybe also using words like “performance” or “reliability”, to see what others have to say about that. is too many posts for me to read. Some special ones are:

This can be analyzed further to try to figure out how the file went missing and what to do, but it would require more time and tests. If you have another provider (some offer free, and even more paid), see whether your results are better. For a very rough debug, if the hubiC UI can count files, compare it to
“BackendStatistics” “KnownFileCount” in your job log to see if it’s really one file less than it should be.

Maybe easier is to use the Commandline screen of the job to run a backup. It may name missing file:

Backup started at 1/24/2020 3:44:17 PM
Checking remote backup ...
  Listing remote folder ...
Missing file:
Found 1 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair
Fatal error => Found 1 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair

ErrorID: MissingRemoteFiles
Found 1 files that are missing from the remote storage, please run repair
Return code: 100

File is missing because I renamed it to see whether I could get a name along with a missing file count.

Let me tell you: I had over 10 accounts at hubic. All of them with Duplicati.

Some of them were running for several months, some for more than a year.

BUT: With the time all of them made problems! Duplicati reported that files could be downloaded aso.

I had files that were be shown in the web GUI, the Hubic-Client Software and also in CarrotDAV but it was not possible to download this files.

Also tried to download the full backups with CarrotDAV and this did also not work.

So my result: HUBIC is total CRAP! It is not Duplicati causing the problems. The problems are caused because HUBIC is not reliable.

My advice for you is: Download the backups with the backend tool or with CarrotDAV or any other tool that supports

Me too! I also wasted a lot of time with Hubic!

My conclusion was: There were backups running for months, some for over a year, with daily backups.

At a random time Duplicati recognizes that a backup has failures because a random choosen file for verification cannot be downloaded!

I use 5 different hosters and this problem occurs only on Hubic! So Hubic is not really reliable! I had files in the filelist (also seen this files with the web gui of hubic, seen with the client software and seen with CarrotDAV) that files could not be downloaded! With non of this tools and therefore Duplicati had also no chance to verify or restore them!

If you search the internet for hubic and problems with files you find lot of entries.

So do yourself a favor: Try to download your Backups (eg. with CarrotDAV or some other tool), verify them and if they are ok upload them to a different webspace.

I split my backups in some smaller and now use some google drive 15GB spaces for that. No problem with google drive since 18 months (and I download the backups every 6 months and check the checksums => without any problem).

Also no problems with Dropbox (but there you only have 2 GB) and no problems with free webdav space of German t-com (magentacloud).

I also tries but the speed varied extremly! Sometimes 100kb took up to half an hour. So i also kicked

hank you for these complete responses.
I don’t know what I did (so many tries) but it works now
I already knew Hubic was not the best solution.
But since at least 3 (roughly similar) backups worked, I first thought of a problem with duplicates.
I will look for other solutions for small backups between 10 and 20go, because it is each time for different needs (personal, pro, associations) that I cannot put in a single backup.
And if duplicate works well, I’m safer

What about Google Drive or new name Google One?

I use OVH Public cloud for 90 Gb they charge less than euro per month if no download.
When I test the backup with a full download an additional euro.