MS SQL database backup

How can i backup MS SQL databases cutting off huge transaction log files?

Backup .bak made by ms sql management studio has a size of few GB, deployed database fiile has size of 20GB with 50-100GB of logs.

As I understand its not safety just ignore log files during backup. But process 10databases with 1TB summary size of log files is terrible.

I don’t know about MS SQL specifically, but whatever works with other backup solutions may work here as well.

What do people normally do to back up MS SQL database files?

And it takes 7hours to process 2 databases size of 25GB each.
Any idea how it can be speed up? A lot of free cpu availible and disks utilization not full during backup. Duplicati reads database file with just 2MB/sec.

The current version of Duplicati is single threaded, so maybe you are seeing just one core maxed out.

I am not sure how others make SQL file backups, but Duplicati treats them like other files (compression etc). You can increase speed by setting --zip-compression-level=0 but at the cost of increase in size.

It may be worth to read and decide on good MS SQL backup strategy first… You can start here:
But the idea is that you do NOT allow transaction log to grow uncontrolled - and use backup to truncate the log at the same time.
There are plenty of resources out there on how to backup MS SQL. You might want to backup from withing SQL Server itself and then use Duplicaty to archive these backups.