Mistakenly backed up with exclude *, now it seems to be reuploading older files

I’ve spent the past week slowly uploaded a few more dirs at a time from my 300G home folder. I was finally ready to upload the whole thing and noticed that it was uploading cache files. I thought I had excluded these *cache expression exclude (not regex). So I stopped the upload, went back and modified it to cache, and backed up again.

Only problem was, I had mistakenly entered an exclude for *. Total upload size was 50MB.

I’ve corrected that and am re uploading. However, it’s taking quite a while on some video files that

  1. were some of the first files I backed up
  2. definitely haven’t changed since this whole process started.

Am I back at ground zero, or are these incremental backups just going to take a lot longer than I expected (do they need to rescan large files to make sure they haven’t changed? each time?)

Or may this just be an issue since I stopped the backup part-way through?

Probably that. After interrupted backup, Duplicati wants to start re-uploading everything! has more links.

Just a quick spoiler - that topic has a scary title, but really… :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how many files it checks. Per How does Duplicati Resume After Interruption? (less scary title) reply, I could see it checking on files (maybe big ones) that might have been stopped short, but that’s not the case here. Possibly this backup will be a chance to get another report on what it looks like. Note it also has to enumerate all files, which is even less of a job than scanning file changes. Personally, I don’t tend to watch the GUI that closely.


If the log/email summary shows a high OpenedFiles vs. AddedFiles ratio that should indicate rechecking files w/out reloading them.

DeletedFiles: 0
DeletedFolders: 0
ModifiedFiles: 0
ExaminedFiles: 13192
OpenedFiles: 1   <--------------------
AddedFiles: 1
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Ok. Let me know what, if any, info could be helpful for development. I’ll provide it after the upload has finished.